How to Use Essential Oils Safely


The popularity of aromatherapy is seen today in the number of people who are already essential oils for different purposes.  Now a lot of people have seen the real therapeutic benefits of using essential oils to help their overall well being.  Essential oils can help you sleep well at night, reduce anxiety, and have a lot of other benefits.  There are proper ways of using essential oils safely and with confidence and they are given here below.

There is nothing wrong with inhaling essential oils.  Having a headache or becoming nauseous is the worst experience you can have inhaling essential oils for very long periods of time, but if you use it moderately, there are no such side effects.  You can use an essential oil diffuser to inhale essential oils or you can put a few drops on a tissue or cloth and inhaling it and this is a very safe way to use it.

People say that it is bad to put essential oils topically on your skin.  The truth is that essential oils at Healthy Focus should never be used directly on your skin because of known side effects like rashes, sensitivity, and even liver and kidney problems.  If you want to use them on our skin, you should always dilute them in a carrier oil, like grape seed oil or jojoba oil.  When it is diluted, topical use is a very safe way to get the benefits that they provide.  Although there is still a chance of reaction of the skin or rashes, a good rule of thumb is to do a patch test about the size of a nickel on your inner forearm and test how your skin might react.

You should never ingest essential oils because it can lead to dangerous consequences like liver and kidney failure.  This compounds can be toxic and our bodies process them very slowly.  If there is no expert advice to ingest essential oils then done do it just like not taking drugs that have not been prescribed by your doctor.  It is only through proper use of essential oils at Healthy Focus that ingesting can be beneficial for the body.  If you want advise on ingesting essential oils, you should see the advice of a certified aromatherpist and you should also consult a doctor as well.

Aromatherapy is taking its rightful place as a daily part of people’s lives.  Anyone would definitely want a good smelling world.  It also improves how you feel so that makes it even better.  With this guide you should feel confident in using essential oils in your life.  Regularly using essential oils would soon show the actual benefits it can give to your life. Read more about health at


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